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Training / Professional Education

>Training / Professional Education
Elevate Your Team

We’ve invested tremendous time and resources in developing effective programs to address the needs of our clients. Our trainers are here to help each and every client – whether end users and admins requiring basic knowledge to handle new cases, or to hone their skills with more advanced topics. Our Professional Training covers a broad range of topics on how to efficiently navigate Relativity, use specific analytics features with Brainspace, run Search Term Reports or create Persistent Highlights, and more.

We deliver four different formats:

  • E-learning – Recorded training sessions, made available for the teams who need flexibility.
  • Webinar – Live training, on a regular basis, offered to a broader audience, on more specific topics.
  • One-to-one / One-to-team – Remote training and education, provided through digital live conference tools.
  • In-person – Available on demand: on-site training facilitated directly at your office.

Contact Director of Client Services Ericka to schedule your next session and boost your team!