Control both costs and processes throughout
the eDiscovery life cycle.

Early Case / Data Assessment (ECA)

>Early Case / Data Assessment (ECA)
Strategic Insight

By employing analytics the early stages of a case, we can deliver quick insights into the composition and content of your data. This helps you control costs by intelligently culling the data prior to the costlier phases of discovery.

In addition, with analytics employed early in the life cycle, ECA allows your legal team to identify responsive, privileged, and ‘hot’ documents prior to making strategic decisions. Harbor offers customized solutions tailored to accelerate case understanding, defensibly reduce data sets and significantly lower costs.

Contact Andrew, our Project Management Team Lead, for a free demo on:

  • Data Visualization
  • Near Duplicate Detection
  • Concept Clustering
  • Concept Searching
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Email Threading
  • Conversation Analysis