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For organizations looking to improve their discovery approaches, processes and methods… Harbor is the easiest eDiscovery company to work with. Our clients benefit from the right technology, deployed at the optimal stage, for the most cost-effective outcomes. Our reliable service-centric team simply partners with you to provide smart solutions.

  • Data Harvesting
    Data Harvesting

    Benefit from a variety of leading industry tools, and our expertise in defensible collection methods.

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  • ESI Processing
    ESI Processing

    Certified experts handle your largest projects simply, and deal with the most difficulty ones efficiently.

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  • Hosted Review
    Hosted Review

    Discover the right platform for your case, with expert project management and customized workflow design.

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  • Attorney Review
    Attorney Review

    Document review solutions for law firms and corporations nationwide led by experienced legal professionals.

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  • Early Case / Data Assessment
    Early Case / Data Assessment

    Customized solutions accelerate case understanding, defensibly reduce data sets, and significantly lower costs.

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  • Project Management
    Project Management

    Collaborate with a reliable partner from building a plan to efficiently reaching the end goal.

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  • Consulting

    With over a century of combined experience, we provide advice on strategy, process, and execution.

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  • Training / Professional Education
    Training / Professional Education

    Take advantage of effective end-user and admin training programs through e-learning, webinars, one-on-one and in-person sessions.

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  • Innovation Watch
    Innovation Watch

    Stay ahead of the tech and legal curve with foresight into the future of eDiscovery.

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