Control both costs and processes throughout
the eDiscovery life cycle.

Data Harvesting

>Data Harvesting
Stress-Free Collection

Harbor’s Certified Forensic Engineers are experts in all manner of defensible collection methods. They utilize a variety of industry-leading tools to manage projects of any size, including on-site forensic enterprise collection, remote forensic enterprise collection, and on-site or remote targeted collection. Our engineers are well-versed in collecting evidence from network shares, PDAs, desktops, laptops, and social media:

  • Certified Forensic Engineers
  • On-site and Remote Collection
  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Defensible Methodologies
  • Chain of Custody
  • Enterprise Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Recovery
  • Expert Testimony
  • Comprehensive Reporting

ESI Processing

>ESI Processing
Expertise and Capacity

Processing software used by most service providers comes right off-the-shelf, available to everyone. Harbor carves its niche in expertise and capacity. Our technicians are certified experts in the software tools we use, and have years of experience running flawless multi-terabyte processing jobs. Plus, we have the capacity to handle your largest projects simply, and the know-how to deal with the most difficult ones efficiently:

  • Discovery and Catalog
  • Index
  • De-NIST
  • De-Duplicate
  • Search
  • Cull/Filter
  • Full (Native + TIFF) Processing
  • Production
  • File Type Inclusion
  • Native Processing

Hosted Review

>Hosted Review
Flexible and Scalable

Whether you require Concept Analytics, Two-Dimensional Searching, Technology Assisted Review, Linear Review, or a budget-minded solution that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, Harbor has the right platform for your case. And, we back every client review with expert Project Management and Customized Workflow Design, including:

  • Concept Analytics
  • Two-Dimensional Search
  • Email Threading
  • Near Duplicate Detection
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Linear Review
  • Native and Image Production

Attorney Review

>Attorney Review
Available and Accountable

Harbor provides document review solutions to law firms and corporations nationwide led by experienced legal professionals. Our process-driven approach offers productivity and efficiency. Harbor’s bar-licensed Review Attorneys and Managers are proven in complex review projects, andwork closely with clients to provide day-to-day teamwork.

Our Managers craft guided case context and background memos for flawless workflow. They also assign aset of core and ‘hot’ documents to train the review team. Together, the Review Attorneys employ coding panels and review protocol to meet the criteria required by the trial team.

  • Onshore Review Solutions
  • High-Quality, Low-Cost
  • Experienced Legal Leadership
  • Day-to-Day Coordination
  • Metric Reports
  • Review Protocols
  • 100% Accessible and Accountable Team
  • Context and Background Considerations
  • Validated Results

Early Case / Data Assessment (ECA / EDA)

>Early Case / Data Assessment (ECA / EDA)
Strategic Insight

By employing analytics at the early stages of a case, we can deliver quick insights into the composition and content of your data. This helps you control costs by intelligently culling the data prior to the more costly phases of discovery.

In addition, with analytics employed early in the life cycle, your legal team is able to identify responsive, privileged, and ‘hot’ documents prior to making strategic decisions. Harbor offers customized solutions tailored to accelerate case understanding, defensibly reduce data sets and significantly lower costs.

Contact Andrew, our Director of Project Management, for a free demo on:

  • Data Visualization
  • Near Duplicate Detection
  • Concept Clustering
  • Concept Searching
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Email Threading
  • Conversation Analysis

Project Management

>Project Management
A Member of Your Team

Our project managers will partner with you throughout the life cycle of each case. Every project begins with building a plan to efficiently reach the end goal. Our Project Managers call upon their extensive experience to put in place a workflow with proven best practices, to ensure projects get completed on time and within budget. Your dedicated Project Manager is the first point-of-contact, and will keep you updated on project status with an open line of communication. Together, we’ll get in front of any changes that may arise, with solid solutions:

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Repeatable Workflows
  • Proven Best Practices
  • Rapid Inquiry Response
  • Open Communication
  • Empowered to Deliver Results


Experience Matters

Industry veteran consultants are ready to assist you at any phase of the process. Harbor’s seasoned advisors, with over a century of combined experience, work directly with counsel and provide advice on strategy, process, and execution. We’ve attended more meet-and-confers than we can count, drafted all manner of legal hold and file retention documentation, interviewed countless employees regarding the location of relevant ESI, and attended numerous court hearings as experts on behalf of our clients.

We’ll help you navigate the process:

  • ESI Management
  • Litigation Readiness
  • Data Preservation
  • Discovery Motion Practice
  • Rule 26 Conference
  • Collection Methodology
  • Discovery Coordination
  • eDiscovery Workflow
  • Document Review Strategy
  • Production Standards

Training / Professional Education

>Training / Professional Education
Elevate Your Team

We’ve invested tremendous time and resources in developing effective programs to address the needs of our clients. Our trainers are here to help each and every client – whether end users and admins requiring basic knowledge to handle new cases, or to hone their skills with more advanced topics. Our Professional Training covers a broad range of topics on how to efficiently navigate review platforms, use specific analytics features, run Search Term Reports or create Persistent Highlights, and more.

Contact Director of Client Services Ericka to schedule your next session and boost your team!

We deliver four different formats:

  • E-learning – Recorded training sessions, made available for the teams who need flexibility.
  • Webinar – Live training, on a regular basis, offered to a broader audience, on more specific topics.
  • One-to-one / One-to-team – Remote training and education, provided through digital live conference tools.
  • In-person – Available on demand: on-site training facilitated directly at your office.

Innovation Watch

>Innovation Watch
Foresight with Foreknowledge

Stay ahead of the tech and legal curve with foresight into the future of eDiscovery. Clients don’t need to dig around on their own to find out about the latest news, technologies, version updates, and other releases. Stay ahead of the trend, as we track the pulse of the industry. Attend Harbor’s private (client-only) semi-annual conferences, available by registered appointment only—to see and hear what we think about the latest tech. Meet our partners in the eDiscovery litigation field, as they advise on this “Journey of Innovation.”