eDiscovery Technology Helps Law Firm Gain Quick Settlement

Collect, Process, Analyze & Review emails with limited time and a tight budget. The legal team was able to complete the review in less than a month and find the necessary evidence to settle the matter within the revised budget – a fraction of the initial proposed cost.

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ECA Analytics Workflow Video Demo, with Ericka Reed

Early Case Assessment (ECA) allows quick understanding of case issues, and identification of data for further review. This process has been effective because it not only saves time, but also saves clients ‘money. Discover this powerful, high-level overview of ESI workflow, with Ericka Reed, Client Services Manager.


Government Entity Uses Legal Technology to Cull and Review 5TB Collection within Budget

Process data from 40+ custodians from a government entity with a limited budget. Provide outside counsel with review database for searching, review, and issue coding. Produce responsive data to the opposing side in the most cost-effective way.

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How Legal Technology can make eDiscovery More Efficient and Less Costly

Through this visual infographics, dive into a client case study. Discover how the Harbor team collected, processed, analyzed and reviewed 100,000 emails with limited time and a small budget, and provided the responsive data to the investigations team in a matter of two weeks.

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